Product outline

  • Diesel hybrid power system that collects energy from a diesel engine, or solar panels, and stores within a Lithium-Ion battery pack


  • Ultra-quiet operation in even the most demanding applications

  • Reduced operating costs via fuel consumption reduction

  • Reduced emissions

Key Features

  • Automated controller with remote communications capabilities 

  • High thermal efficiency engine

Designed for rugged conditions, our tower system uses advanced LED lighting along with available options for integrated communications equipment:  surveillance, RFID, etc.

Equipment that was made to perform at scale to serve your project.

Hybrid Mobile Power

Modern Control System

Connected technology for performance monitoring and remote management and control

High output lighting

Modern high output LED lighting packages to provide high coverage lighting in critical situations

Surveillance Ready
DC Power system is ideal for remote surveillance and communication systems

Hybrid efficiency
Lithium ion battery technology harness the power of renewable energy and optimize engine running conditions 



Commercial Construction


Industrial Construction

Residential Construction

Energy Industry

Mining Industry

Pipeline and Facilities