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Make Up Air Heaters

550,000 BTU
Diesel Electric Heat

The Safety Thaw Model 4500DF was designed for large projects that require extremely reliable construction and make-up air heating. We provide an excellent option for commercial and industrial heating with our 4,500,000 BTU firing rate - this heater can handle the largest projects and provide complete temperature control during winter operation.

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Generation Design


field proven


continuous rated operation

4500 Make UP Air Heater
4500 Make UP Air Heater


  • Our makeup air system delivers forced mechanical ventilation to the project site, allowing treated air to circulate throughout it.
  • Our system raises the surface temperature of curing construction materials to speed up and optimize the curing process while still protecting quality
  • Manage site humidity by providing treated air; we can control site humidity with pressurization to speed up cure periods and limit the risk of mould.


  • Variable controller technology adjusts to the ambient temperature to provide consistent heat to the project while reducing fuel use.
  • Designed for reliability: We design for continual uptime since heating equipment must be ready to function in any scenario, from freezing weather to other challenging conditions.
  • Stainless Burner Head: Our modulating burner head allows you complete control. However, let's face it: the ambient temperature changes frequently, and the system must be prepared to respond.
Parameter Detail
Max Input BTU
4,500,000 BTU/HR
480V or 600V Versions
Fuel Gas Connection
2" NPT
Inlet Pressure Requirement
14" Water Column
Fuel Type
Natural Gas or Propane
Full Load Amps 480V
23 Amps @ 480V
Max Temperature
180 °F, 82°C
Blower Type
Forward Curved Centrifugal
Burner Management System
Airflow Rating
25,000 CFM @ 2" Back Pressure
130" x 71" x 71"
Product Compliance
ANSI Z83.7 / CSA 2.14


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