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HLS-230 Hybrid Tower

Lithium-Ion Battery Power

The HLS-230D is a solar-diesel hybrid powered by lithium-ion batteries. Even in extreme situations, we collect solar energy and run our tier 4 final diesel engines at full efficiency, running only 1 hour per 9 hours of lighting.

We've deployed machines in various equipment site support applications across the United States and Canada. Read our white paper to learn how hybrid lighting saves time and money while helping meet industrial emissions reduction targets.


Generation Design


Units in the field


continuous rated operation



  • Modern high output LED lighting provides high coverage lighting - we provide bright, white lighting that optimizes night operation conditions with quality light to support any operation.
  • Minimize engine run time and maximize renewable energy - our system tries to maximize efficiency. In higher power operations, a hybrid approach is an excellent solution for reliable performance
  • Automated control based on GPS - light turns on and off 30 minutes before and after sunrise or sunset - no human interaction required.
  • Reduced fuel fills, our machines incorporate large tanks and with a reduced fuel fill requirement - every 30-45 days - the machine fill lights turn on five days before a fill is required to alert staff in location.


  • A 48-volt nominal DC power system supports a range of light, telecom and surveillance options
  • CSA approved, SMD type LED lighting fixtures
  • Stable LIPO4 chemistry lithium-ion battery system with the provided battery management system to support battery longevity - we offer a 2000 charge warranty for the battery to maintain a full capacity rating.
  • Color controller that provides intuitive machine control and operation
  • Vertical style mast with a hydraulic power system, heavy-duty bearing and cable design. We offer high wind resistance the can handle tough conditions in the field.
Engine Power System
Doosan D10 or Cat C1.1
Alternator Configuration
PMG Alternator + Rectifier
Emissions Compliance
US EPA, Environment Canada: Tier 4 Final
DC Nominal 48V
Speed / Governor
Electric / 2200 RPM @ Max Charge
Standby Amperage Rating
200 Amps
Charge Time (20%-100%)
67 minutes
Continuous Charge Rating
150 amps
Engine Gross Power Output
17.9 kW @ 3000 RPM
Battery Capacity
10.4 kW / 230 AH
Solar Panel Rating
600 Watts
Hydraulic first stage, cable second stages
Deployed Length
171 inches
Height Deployed
23 feet
Deployed Width
164 inches
5 x Outriggers with Mechanical Jack
Stowed Length
Wind Rating
70 MPH
Stowed Width
Torsion Flex
Weight Full
4200 lbs
Containment System
120% Fluid Containment System


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