HYBRID Core Technology.

Advanced lithium-ion battery technology adapted for commercial and industrial applications.

Connect Technology.

Advance integrated telematics allows for over the air updates and remote system management capabilities and monitoring. 

Surveillance Systems

Value-added features include a high-resolution camera(s) system with optional motion activated lighting.  Proven items that reduce theft, vandilism, and risk.


The HLS Model 200 is designed from the ground up to be the highest performing efficient and economical, hybrid core tower system.  Delivered through HLS's unique, hybrid core technology that includes renewable sources of wind energy combined with the latest in low emissions diesel engine technology.

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Industrial grade lithium cells, made with safe LiFePO4 technology.   Our Hybrid Core technology optimizes fuel consumption and power output.

Premium LED Lighting

High coverage LED fixtures to light up large areas.  High efficiency LED chips are amongst the most power efficient in the industry.

Engineered Tough

Designed for tough industrial applications.  From arctic conditions to tropical climates the HLS Hybrid core provides reliable operation.

Renewable Powered

Positioned for the future with solar  energy collection.  Emissions can be dramatically reduced during sunny conditions.


All HLS portable towers include the hardware for 100% autonomous operations.  We utilize the latest technology to create easy to operate solutions for work site support equipment. 

Simple Control Panel

Advanced technology should be simple to operate - view complete diagnostic information from our HMI display panel, rated down to -40 celsius.

Remote Managment

Our integrated control system manages all aspects of unit operations and combines with our cellular or satellite connected communication system to actively monitor and record unit health or and operating trends.

Automatic Control

Smart equipment supports lean operations - all our light towers are designed to operate autonomously.  This includes our GPS light controller which can be utilized to turn on and off light fixtures based on local sunrise and sunset with the push of a button.


All HLS portable lights tower include the hardware to be completely automonomous.

Hybrid Technology

A balanced approach has combined internal combustion engine technology with modern energy storage to provide power on demand when needed, with silent op[eration the majority of the time. 

Solar Equipped

Solar Energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy.  We use high-efficiency photo-voltaic systems

High-Efficiency Diesel 

By operating our diesel engines in the peak range of their thermal efficiency we reduce fuel consumption, maintenance, and environmental impact.


HLS Towers have been designed to deploy and monitor & protect temporary and mobile locations.

Advanced Video Analytics

Draw attention to unauthorized site activities with motion activated lighting and camera systems.  Smart technology can detect and trigger alerts based on your specific application.

Tower Mounted Cameras

Our flexible mobile tower solutions provides flexibility for multiple camera inegrations including fixed, PTZ, and thermal cameras including 

Wireless Command Centre

Create local tower to tower network's to provide live feeds to on-site security or command centers. 

Remote Monitoring System

Remotely access video footage or program automated motion warnings with video feed to be sent via text or email.


AGM Battery powered mobile surveillance and lighting units design in skid mounted and trailered configurations.

100% Autonomous Designs

Units that can be deployed in short to long term applications with the push of a button


Cellular-based communication with optional satellite operation.


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