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Site Support Equipment

Support equipment

We manufacture a wide range of site support equipment for lighting, communication, surveillance and temperature control applications. Our experience in the business leads us to a path of product development focused on results. When we say "continuous improvement," we mean it. We consistently challenge ourselves and our team to understand customer needs and difficulties to improve our operations, team, and products by providing products customers want and need.

Our Products

We provide a wide range of equipment models to suit different tasks and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions. We produce our products in partnership with global partners in the United States.

We bring our products to market under two distinct brand names:  Hybrid Light Solutions and Saftey Thaw:


We work to optimize the following areas with our equipment:

  • Return on investment for our clients
  • Lean operations
    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Smarter operation to match application requirements
    • Compliment and enhance human power
  • Wide application range and simple operations

Our Customers

Our products are available via a  strong dealer network. In addition, we partner with a range of equipment rental and distribution firms to bring our products to market - and have local support in the areas where our customers use our equipment. Our focus is on creating a fantastic customer experience, and that includes having a team at the ready for ongoing product support. In addition, we work to make integrating our equipment into applications simple and provide tools for application sizing, service and commissioning operations to give you the resources to get the job done. 

Hybrid Towers


Designed for high-efficiency lighting, communication, and surveillance applications. Industry leading fuel and emissions reductions.

Make-Up Air


We build a range of modulating make-up air heaters designed for temporary heating applications.  A high turn-down rate optimizes the machine to support heating operations. 

Flameless Heat


The perfect heat source for hazardous locations. Our remote thermostat-controlled flameless heaters reduce waste and increase machine reliability and performance.



We manufacture a variety of solar and plug-in surveillance towers with battery backup systems to support mobile surveillance and communication applications.

Power Systems

Modern site support equipment.

When it comes to site support equipment, know your return on investment. The best and only way to compare solutions is to use the big picture methodology - how does your equipment support strategy bring operational results with bottom line benefit?

Fuel and emissions reduction

Our HLS 230D unit is capable of reducing operating costs significantly vs. traditional light tower technology with 80+% fuel consumption reduction and with increased project efficiencies, 100+% total cost reductions are possible over traditional solutions 

Smart equipment

We incorporate intelligent automation into our machinery. Quick and simple deployment, combined with advanced capabilities, allows us to outperform on the job.  Smart solutions today.


Our commitment is not just to create equipment but to engineer solutions. Our site support equipment demonstrates our dedication to effective and efficient designs, boasting high-performance capabilities and industry-leading efficiency. We've pioneered innovations that support significant carbon reductions in alignment with global sustainability goals. When you choose our equipment, you're investing in reliable tools that ensure the job gets done while supporting a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Safety stands are at the forefront of our design and operational principles. Recognizing the diverse challenges faced by our clients, we engineer solutions that ensure seamless operations under varying conditions - from providing lighting at night to maintaining optimal temperatures in spaces occupied during construction. Every equipment we produce undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee that they meet and exceed industry safety standards. 


Designed for rugged conditions.

Commercial and industrial applications of advanced technology is our goal. We aim to incorporate existing, reliable technology into mobile equipment that is developed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers.

Designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The HLS Hybrid core allows stable operation in arctic and tropical regions.