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Flameless Heat

550,000 BTU
Diesel Electric Heat

High performance, our flameless indirect-fired heating system provides clean, dry heat in the most demanding conditions.  Our system provides industry-leading digital control designed to manage all aspects of the machine to deliver smart operation.

In most flameless heating applications, waste is abundant in the form of overheating.  It is critical to protect specific processes from freezing during regular winter operations. However, the majority of heating applications today don't use remote thermostats and on warmer days, wasting energy by overheating applications and increasing wear on machines.  


Generation Design


field tested


continuous rated operation



  • Based on proven diesel engine designs. Doosan diesel engines offer proven longevity and reliability.
  • The integrated control system manages all aspects of machine control from a single, easy-to-access location—an automated engine controller with integrated low fuel shutdown.
  • Our system sets up quickly and efficiently for customer applications. These units can deploy rapidly, and quickly, and maximize safety through operational excellence.


  • Remote Thermostat to better manage the temperature of the process and reduce fuel consumption, we use remote thermostat operation.
  • High Static Pressure: Our system can operate at high CFM and static pressure, giving you the freedom to deliver treated air wherever you need it.
  • Simple, modern control: Good controls should not only manage the process well, but they should also be easy and dependable. We strive to make advanced technologies simple to understand and utilize.
  • Designed for service We work hard to ensure all our machines are designed in a way to make long term maintenance straightforward and efficient
Engine Power System
Doosan D34T - 110 HP
Alternator Configuration
1800 RPM 480V System
Emissions Compliance
US EPA, Environment Canada: Tier 4 Final
480V Three Phase
Speed / Governor
1800 RPM @ Max Output
Input BTU Rating
625,500 BTU/HR
Max Temperature
275°F, 135°C
NET Output BTU
512,910 BTU/HR
Ducting Size
2 x 12” or 1 x 18”
Blower Typer
Backwards Inclined
DEF Capacity
30 Gal, 113 liters
Fuel Tank Capacity
375 gallon, 1417 liters


Our philosophy is to provide the greatest available solutions for our is about a never-ending commitment to improving our products to add value.

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